Past Events


On November 19, 2016, we organized an international potluck as our first communal event aiming to tackle unreflected and unfounded xenophobia through personal encounters. This event gave local Hungarians an opportunity to meet people from all over the world, share stories, make new friends and enjoy the different delicious international meals. It was more than just a fine evening, it made the hugs real, the hearts warm and the tummies full.

High School Visits

The educational visits focus on enlightening the prospective local students of the University of Debrecen. Inthe fall semester of 2016, we visited three local high schools, where we introduced our project, and the high schoolers had the chance to meet international students personally, learn about their culture, about their lives.

Words Break Bones Workshop

We invited Dr. Anna Szilagyi, internationally renowned linguist and communication expert to deliver her workshop called “Words Break Bones” at American Corner Debrecen on November 30, 2016. The goal of #WBB is to provide children, teenagers, and adults with crucial linguistic skills to connect easily with others. This event has led to our cooperation with Dr. Szilagyi in the second semester of our project.

Street Art

We hosted a street art event that brought together members of the local international community and native Hungarians in the spirit of creativity. Despite the cold winter weather we were lucky to enjoy the warming rays of sunshine, which, along with some refreshments and hot beverages, contributed to the cheerful mood and positive vibes of the event.