Submit Your Facts

One of the primary functions of this website is to call attention to the harmful and destructive nature of unfounded and manipulative information which often reaches us in the form of fake news, propaganda, or distorted facts (intentional or received).  Therefore, we would like to encourage everyone to submit popular beliefs or pieces of news which are outright fake along with their refutation based on a reliable source. You can submit these directly to our website or to our email address: We suggest the following format as examples:


Example no. 1


“Islam is a religion of terrorists” [alternatively: “All Muslims are terrorists”]


According to the most recent data of Pewforum 2012 (1.) the number of Muslims all over the world is 1.6 billion, which makes up 23% of the world’s population. As research by CNN’s national security analyst, Peter Bergen (2.) has found that the number of individuals currently associated or identifying themselves with Muslim extremist organizations is around 85,000-106,000. This means that about 0,005315-0.006625% of the Muslim population can be referred to as “extremist” or as “terrorists.”




Example no. 2


“News media coverage of terrorist attacks is unbiased”


According to Kearns, Betus, and Lemieux of Georgia State University, between 2011 and 2015 terrorist attacks committed by Muslim perpetrators received 449% more news coverage in US media than domestic terrorist attacks, based on a sample of newspaper articles from various sources including local newspapers, and electronic material from

Source: Kearns, Betus, and Lemieux: Why Do Some Terrorist Attacks Receive More Media Attention Thank Others? <>