The Zerophobia Concerts

Our team has organized two highly successful symphonic concerts in two consecutive semesters. The first concert started out as a student initiative in an attempt to gather a small ensemble of international and Hungarian students for a mini-concert. The stellar success of the performance along with great encouragement from the audience and the participating musicians led to a second, larger-scale performance in the spring semester. We are hoping to establish the Zerophobia Concerts as a long-term tradition with a twofold aim:

(1) to introduce younger audiences to symphonic concerts through popular music such as movie scores, which is not so prevalent in symphonic music making in Hungary;

(2) to create a further platform for intercultural encounters by making special effort to advertise the concerts among the ever-growing local international student community. The two concerts have already delivered on the promise: both events took place in a jam-packed concert hall in front of an audience consisting of people from all over the world, from various cultural backgrounds and age-groups.

Photos of our first concert on December 1st, 2016

Photos of our second concert on May 7th, 2017

And a video snippet (you can check out the rest of our videos in our gallery)